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Facebook Verified
"The staff was very welcoming and informative to both my daughter and I as she was a new patient to the practice. The were kind and compassionate to Cassie as she was nervous about her first appointment. Thank you so much for putting her at ease!!!! We look forward to our next appointment."

Review Verified on 3/8/2015
Facebook Verified
"What a wonderful practice. Everyone was so pleasant and nice on our first visit to your office. We are very happy with our decision to get our son, Jason, braces with Dr. Loew."

Review Verified on 3/4/2015
Facebook Verified
"Emily loved her experience at your office in Clinton, and that is the most important thing to me. She cannot wait to get her braces put on - seriously - I've never seen her so excited!! We both felt that her examination was thorough and high quality. She loved the bells and whistles to include the tootbrushing station, signing herself in, the iPad, picking cool flavors, etc. Well done!"

Review Verified on 2/26/2015
Facebook Verified
"We are beyond thrilled with our son's teeth!!!! His smile is incredible and we have all of you to thank. Our experience throughout was professional and caring. Thank you to Loew Orthodontics for all you do! Now we have our youngest for you.....she can't wait to get her braces!"

Review Verified on 2/24/2015
Facebook Verified
"I LOVE Dr. Loew and his entire staff! My son started with Dr. Loew at the age of 18 months, due to some problems related to his birth.....he has been through multiple orthodontic appliances throughout the years. He is now 15 years old, in braces, and has a beautiful smile thanks to Dr. Loew's expertise and never-ending dedication. When my son was 6 months old, I had a doctor tell me "well, he'll never be a model" (due to his "crooked smile)...can you believe it?! Dr. Loew made him into a Superstar! Many, many thanks to you and your wonderful staff :-)"

Review Verified on 2/6/2015
Facebook Verified
"The service here has been fabulous! Everyone has been so kind to me! Whenever I had a problem, I just let you guys know, and you fixed it right away! I love how I can earn points to get gift cards! When taking my braces off, nothing hurt, which I was quite surprised by, but I should not have been surprised, as she did a amazing job removing them. I would most definitetly recommend my friends to Loew Orthodontics!"

Review Verified on 2/5/2015
Facebook Verified
"I am nearing the end of my experience with all of you and appreciate the opportunity to share feedback. At 40, I had to get braces in order to have an implant placed and it required effective coordination between Dr. Carla, my dentist and my oral surgeon. Never did I imagine this overall process to be as incredible as it was...to actually look forward to the visits! The incredible improvement of my teeth as well as the unbelievable service I received from the staff, especially Dr. Carla, is still a challenge to articulate. Everyone was professional, prepared, focused and respectful. Thank you for all you do, and continue to do, and for giving me confidence in my smile :) - Laura Wagner (P.S....I love the testimonial photos in the Clinton office!)"

Review Verified on 1/6/2015
Facebook Verified
"The experience Juliana and Alex have had over the years with Dr. Loew has been beyond stellar. They are always treated like they are the only one in the office and Dr. Loew is technically brilliant! My daughter has a beautiful smile and Alex will be right behind her in just a few months. I have ALWAYS been completely satisfied and impressed with all the components of Loew Orthodontics!"

Review Verified on 1/3/2015
Facebook Verified
"Dr. Loew and his staff are amazing! They are very knowledgable and kind. Always running on time. Although many patients are seen each day, Dr Loew always gives his undivided attention to Grace and never makes her feel rushed. He genuinely cares about each and every one of his patients!"

Review Verified on 12/20/2014
Facebook Verified
"Very happy with how things are progressing. Dr. Loew and the staff are fabulous!"

Review Verified on 12/17/2014
Facebook Verified
"I am very impressed with the entire operation. The office space is geared specifically for the target age group. The front desk staff are professional and pleasant. The dental assistants are great. We are so pleased with every aspect. Great job by all!"

Review Verified on 12/9/2014
Facebook Verified
"My daughter has had her 2nd to last appointment at Loew orthodontics and the service and friendliness of the staff has been perfect!! We will miss Dr Carla and the staff at the Clinton location. Thank you for your great care and professional attitude."

Review Verified on 11/25/2014
Facebook Verified
"Thank you Dr. Loew for giving your Patients beautiful smiles! You are the best!"

Review Verified on 11/19/2014
Facebook Verified
"Today was the first day we were there when someone got their braces removed. It was a party! There was music, a horn blaring and gifts! They made the event very special! I can't wait until it is my turn!"

Review Verified on 11/17/2014
Facebook Verified
"As always, everyone at Dr. Loew's Orthodontics is so helpful, friendly and professional. We were greeted with a smile by everyone who helped us. We didn't have to wait at all. Thank you!"

Review Verified on 10/28/2014
Facebook Verified
"We had a great experience at our first visit. We were impressed with the facility. Dr. Carla and Colleen answered all of Bennett's questions and helped to calm his fears about getting and having braces. Bennett loved the rewards program and left happy and willing to return for his next visit. Thank you for taking time and explaining every detail to us."

Review Verified on 10/18/2014
Facebook Verified
"Our daughter Mary's visits to Dr. Loew are always a short wait (if any), pleasant and efficient. The staff is friendly and accomodating. The waiting room is kid friendly so my younger child doesn't mind coming and waiting for his sister during her appointment."

Review Verified on 9/17/2014
Facebook Verified
"My son is just beginning his journey with braces. So far we have only had the consultation and the appointment to have molds of his teeth done. Everyone in the office is so pleasant, from the staff to the doctor. I can tell already that they will all make having braces fun and as painless as possible."

Review Verified on 9/11/2014
Facebook Verified
"When I came through door I met a friendly woman named Becca who greeted me. She showed me around the office and explained how the office works. When it was time to go in I met this lovely woman named Trish. She was interested in my hobbies which made me feel special. She also answered all of my mom's questions and concerns. She was gentle with the use of the brackets to take pictures of my teeth. Then she introduced me to Dr. Carla. Dr. Carla showed to be very caring and interested in my teeth and me . I'm extremely excited for my next visit."

Review Verified on 8/26/2014
Facebook Verified
"Both Loew orthodontic offices are friendly, clean and high-tech. They treat their patients like they would their own family. I've been in braces for a few months now and I don't mind going back for follow up visits because it's fun and everyone cares so much about making sure I am comfortable."

Review Verified on 8/24/2014
Facebook Verified
"As always, Loew Orthodontics staff is professional, courteous and warm. The wait is minimal and the office is clean and welcoming. Would recommend to anyone who wants great service. You get what you pay for here."

Review Verified on 7/30/2014
Facebook Verified
"My son Adam came to Loew Orthodontics in the summer of 2012 with terribly crooked teeth and his bite was severely off. After 19 months of braces, his teeth are straight and he actually has a bite! The appointments were convenient, the staff is friendly, and the offices are comfortable. We are so happy with the results and we highly recommend Loew Orthodontics!"

Review Verified on 6/18/2014
Facebook Verified
"Both my kids have beautiful smiles because of Dr Loew! His team of staff are always so pleasant and welcoming and our experience over the years has been great! The contests and Appreciation Day are always fun especially of your child gets to have their picture in the calendar, or they get to attempt to Dunk the Doc ! Thanks Dr Loew and your team for giving my children beautiful smiles!"

Review Verified on 6/18/2014
Facebook Verified
"This is the place to go!!!! The staff is knowledgeable and courteous. The doctors and their assistants understand how to work with young children. I am always so impressed with their patience, willingness to explain everything, and ability to answer all my son's questions in an age-appropriate way. Our experience at Loew Orthodontics has been amazing!"

Review Verified on 6/11/2014
Facebook Verified
"This practice is by far the most patient focused and service oriented our family has experienced. My daughter has been going to the Clinton office since the beginning of the relationship. Our first trip to the Flemington office was as welcoming as the long standing relationship with the team in Clinton. The excellent care and patient focus is very much appreciated. My daughter has received outstanding care and my husband and I have been guided through each phase of the process extremely well."

Review Verified on 6/10/2014
Facebook Verified
"Our two daughters now have the most amazing smiles! Everyone at the office makes you feel welcome & appreciated! We are so pleased with the results and the experience has been wonderful. Dr Loew is great, you can tell he truly cares for all his patients on a real and personal level. We will absolutely recommend Dr. Loew and his practice to family and friends."

Review Verified on 6/4/2014
"Always a pleasure to visit the office. Sad the last of the family is finished with braces!"

Review Verified on 4/25/2017
"My son, Miles Alderman (age 8), had some serious hardware put in his mouth yesterday. He was deeply nervous about it, but your staff really helped him get through it. My husband said he was relaxed during the process and that the staff was awesome. My son loves visiting your office because of the point system- it is very motivating to him. Thanks for making office visits fun for my little guy. It is a great relief."

Review Verified on 4/25/2017
"We could not be happier with our experience at Loew Orthodontics! Dr Loew and his staff are professional, friendly, and made us feel extremely comfortable. The office always accommodated appointments for broken brackets and wires when we needed them and for such a busy office all appointments run on time and have us in and out quickly. The general feel of the office is fun, positive, and just a nice place to be! My oldest of three children was the first to see Dr Loew and I would not think of taking my two younger children anywhere else."

Review Verified on 4/21/2017
"The friendless and helpfulness of everyone that assisted us at our first visit was remarkable. Wait time was minimal and the waiting area was child friendly for children of all ages. The staff, from receptionists to doctors, were all respectful and courteous to my needs as a parent, as well as my son's needs as a patient! Even after the visit Colleen went out of her way to answer my questions and what she could not answer she was prompt and thorough when getting back to me."

Review Verified on 3/24/2017
"Awesome job! Dr. Loew and staff are amazing and the Invisalign experience as an adult was well worth it."

Review Verified on 3/23/2017
"Dr Carla and the entire staff at Loew Orthodontics are amazing. After seeing several orthodontists I chose Dr Carla for my twin boys care. Dr Carla looked at their FULL orthodontic and pediatric care rather than aesthetics only. Dr Carla asked about their breathing habits, sleep habits, snoring, & teeth grinding. She discussed benefits to their orthodontics beyond their looks and straight teeth. Dr Carla was concerned for their breathing and sleeping comfort. She explained a course of treatment that would help their air intake and overall breathing benefits. Jack's sleep apnea, snoring, & night terrors are nonexistent after 5 months of an expander and face mask. Even the dark shadows under his eyes are gone (due to better air intake). Dr Carla helped Cooper so much too with a better sleep. Cooper has a nice side effect of reduced teeth grinding at night. Also, both of my sons SMILES are super cute (and straight)! I am so THANKFUL for Dr Carla's knowledge and compassion for both Jack and Cooper's care. I highly recommend Dr Carla and her team!"

Review Verified on 3/13/2017
"We chose Loew orthodontics when our daughter needed braces because of their reputation within the community. Both children and parents seemed happy with the staff, the office and the outcomes. It has been a wonderful experience and we will be happily recommending Loew Orthodontics to others."

Review Verified on 3/8/2017
"Dr. Loew and his staff are fantastic! From Sam's initial consult through the entire course of treatment, we were met with smiles, concern and totally professional care. We highly recommend Dr. Loew's terrific group, also a great part of our community!"

Review Verified on 2/7/2017
"Dr. Carla is always kind and has a lot of positive energy. The staff is also so friendly!"

Review Verified on 2/2/2017
"Feeling fantastic! Staff is wonderful, friendly and supportive"

Review Verified on 2/2/2017
"We came in for an initial consult and everyone we met was friendly and professional. We were able to complete our diagnostic records appointment on the spot, saving us another visit. Trish was great at explaining the process, Traci did a great job at making Birdie comfortable and scanning her teeth ( cool machine btw). Dr Carla Banduci was great with kids and gave an open honest professional opinion with no pressure or sales pitch. We look forward to the treatment and are confident we made the right choice for our ouorthodontist. Kudos to the Loew team."

Review Verified on 2/2/2017
"We're so happy with the care we receive from everyone here! We had initially been at a different practice, and have been so much happier here. The care is excellent, everyone is so nice and helpful, and it's such a welcoming and fun atmosphere. We really appreciate that Dr. Loew gets to know his patients and really cares about them too!"

Review Verified on 1/25/2017
"Every visit goes great!! Everyone who works here is amazing"

Review Verified on 1/20/2017
"My experience in Dr. Loew's office was fantastic! At first, I wasn't sure how my experience with braces was going to be, but Dr. Loew and his great team made it as fun as possible. Each appointment was handled with an explanation and my parents loved being able to sit in and see my changes. My teeth look fantastic and I would like to thank everyone for helping me through my journey with my braces!"

Review Verified on 1/19/2017
"I appreciated how nice the staff is and how they went into detail and described what they were doing or going to do to my braces. Thank you for fixing my smile/bite!"

Review Verified on 1/19/2017
"Our son had his braces off on 1-13-17 and he was smiling from ear to ear. Thanks to everyone who made us feel right at home from we entered to when we leave. Your receptionists with their warm greetings and friendly smiles are quite knowledgeable about their job as well as he techs. Dr. Carla is a wonderful Orthodontist and I will always recommend her to anyone that needs races. Thanks for doing such a great job on Brandon's teeth."

Review Verified on 1/14/2017
Reviews 43 - 84 of 1840

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