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"My son's first consultation was yesterday and we were very impressed with the whole office visit experience. Everyone was super friendly, we went right in and it was totally kid friendly with the games, incentives and cookies for the kids. I can see the office was using the latest technology. My son looks forward to his next visit."

Review Verified on 4/10/2014
"As always, Dr. Loew & his staff were friendly and professional. My daughter Sophia is immediately put at ease when she sits down to have her braces worked on. She is made comfortable and the staff always takes a personal interest in what's happening in her life. The office is spotless with an eye to having everything sterilized for every patient."

Review Verified on 3/22/2014
"My first visit to Loew Orthodontics was perfect. Coordination between my dentist and Dr. Loew was very apparent. Since my case is more complex than most, it was reassuring that all my background information was available even prior to my initial consultation in the office. I have no doubt that Loew Orthodontics will provide the best orthodontic service available."

Review Verified on 3/19/2014
Facebook Verified
"Timeline was right on, even with broken brackets and wires. Always looked forward to appointments as everyone in the office feels like family."

Review Verified on 4/18/2017
"Our wonderful experience in our quest for straight teeth has been accomplished!! Thank you Doctor Loew"

Review Verified on 4/6/2017
Facebook Verified
"We love everyone at Loew Ortho! They are professional, kind and caring. Appointment schedules are flexible and the office is clean. And the cookies are DELICIOUS!! Thank you for taking such good care of our entire family."

Review Verified on 4/5/2017
Facebook Verified
"Excellent as always!"

Review Verified on 4/4/2017
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"My son, Dominic, got his braces on yesterday and everything went perfectly. The staff thoroughly explained what he should expect for the first couple of week, how to care for his braces and what foods he should avoid. He was very anxious going in, but was actually smiling as he came out."

Review Verified on 3/31/2017
Facebook Verified
"Our appointment, as always, started on time. Everyone was friendly and the ease of checking in and then later making our next appointment was great."

Review Verified on 3/29/2017
"The treatment was amazing! When I first chose an orthodontist, I only had an overbite noticed. When I went to Loew Orthodontics, they found two things wrong with my teeth instead of one. Also, the people here are very friendly and nice!"

Review Verified on 3/27/2017
"Today is a great day! I'm so happy!"

Review Verified on 3/22/2017
Facebook Verified
"Melissa came in for a repair. It was done quickly and very proffessional. No problems making the short notice appointment"

Review Verified on 3/19/2017
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"As always Dr. Carla and the staff at Loew Orthodontics are awesome!!"

Review Verified on 3/14/2017
"I think that my appointment has been helping me move along to get braces so thanks The pic below is when I got 2 teeth pulled"

Review Verified on 3/7/2017
"Dr. Loew and staff are wonderful - professional, friendly and accommodating to my schedule after I moved out of state part way through my treatment. I am very happy with my new smile and appreciate the advice Dr. Loew has provided to help alleviate my teeth grinding."

Review Verified on 3/3/2017
"Traci was so nice and so gentle."

Review Verified on 2/21/2017
"The staff was very nice and welcoming and always willing to answer any questions we had."

Review Verified on 2/21/2017
Facebook Verified
"Dr. Loew and his staff are great! Every appointment was a breeze, the treatment plan went smoothly and right on time. My daughter's smile is beautiful! Highly recommend Loew Orthodontics! Thank you!"

Review Verified on 2/21/2017
"U were great"

Review Verified on 2/17/2017
"10 stars!"

Review Verified on 2/14/2017
"Staff is nice and welcoming. Happy to get braces off!"

Review Verified on 2/8/2017
"Process went really smooth and simple. There were a few time predictions as to when I would get my braces off that weren't exact but that's fine."

Review Verified on 2/7/2017
"An outstanding experience from a caring an highly competent team! Thank you so much!"

Review Verified on 1/31/2017
"I really like going to Loew's because everyone is so nice and friendly. They do everything very professionally and make me feel comfortable around them every time I go!"

Review Verified on 1/31/2017
"Nesi and I were very pleased with our visit to Dr. Loew's yesterday! We learned a lot and it was an upbeat environment that made Nesi very comfortable. Thank you!"

Review Verified on 1/31/2017
Facebook Verified
"Even with a full room in the waiting room. My son Thatcher was seen at his appointment time. They never make us wait. I appreciate that very much. Loew Orthodontics answer all your questions and very friendly."

Review Verified on 1/11/2017
Facebook Verified
"Very, very happy with excellent service and care! Love the way staff works to accommodate daughter's disability seamlessly! Welcome to Dr. Salvatore! Well done!"

Review Verified on 1/3/2017
Facebook Verified
"They got my braces off nicely. Very happy!!"

Review Verified on 12/20/2016
Facebook Verified
"Our two children are currently under the care of the awesome practice. The service is wonderful from the moment you entered the door until you leave. Dr. Carla is fantastic!!!!! Thanks to everyone who took care of us."

Review Verified on 12/13/2016
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"Good service!"

Review Verified on 12/12/2016
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"Always a great experience!"

Review Verified on 12/7/2016
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"Excellent practice, friendly and helpful staff."

Review Verified on 12/1/2016
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"It didn't hurt and wasn't too bad getting the braces on. Jody was wonderful."

Review Verified on 12/1/2016
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"Dr. Carla and her staff are always so nice and friendly."

Review Verified on 11/29/2016
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"As always the office is punctual and the staff is friendly !!!!"

Review Verified on 11/18/2016
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"Wonderful, really made my daughter feel welcome and comfortable"

Review Verified on 11/17/2016
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"Great people great dentist! Very thorough."

Review Verified on 11/16/2016
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"It's the second time using the Clinton office and everyone is just as friendly as the Flemington office! I really like how everyone makes you feel important and really tries to get to know you. I like when Dr. Carla shares stories! She has a twin! Jess was excited about my baking cookies today."

Review Verified on 11/13/2016
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"As always Dr. Loew and his staff are so friendly and welcoming. The cookies are just an added bonus we both love!!"

Review Verified on 11/9/2016
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"Dr. Loew is absolutely wonderful! My kids love Dr. Loew and his staff."

Review Verified on 11/9/2016
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"I love your Clinton office.... the facility, the technology, gamification, the people, and Dr. Carla."

Review Verified on 11/3/2016
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"Great facility, staff very friendly and prompt. Did a great job setting agenda for the visit and communicating all the way thru."

Review Verified on 8/25/2016
Reviews 295 - 336 of 1840

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